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SPECIAL OFFER :- 1st TEN HOURS for £230.00

Intensive Driving Course

An intensive driving course sometimes called a crash driving course is the fastest way possible to learn to drive. In 2 to 12 weeks a learner will take the driving test and if passed, gain a full UK car driving licence.

The Driving standards agency (DSA) has discovered that an average of 45 hours tuition is required to pass a driving test. My intensive courses are structured to make use of this information.

The standard car driving test fee is included in intensive driving course price.

Intensive Driving Course prices

Recent experience
Recommended hours
0hrs Experience 45 hours £1175
5hrs Experience 40 hours £1050
10hrs Experience 35 hours £925
15hrs Experience 30 hours £800
Pass Plus (No test required) Minimum 6 hrs: over 1 or 2 days £200

An assessment lesson may be required before an intensive driving course can be booked.

During the driving course I will monitor your ability on an hourly basis and discuss your progress with you regularly.

If you have any queries or would like to book an intensive driving course in Falmouth and Penryn areas please contact me at my driving school.