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SPECIAL OFFER :- 1st TEN HOURS for £230.00

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons in Falmouth and Penryn Cornwall using 1 hour, 1.5 hour and 2 hour time slots depending on your needs. All lessons are conducted on a one-to-one basis. Driving lessons may be booked individually or block booked. Intensive courses, semi-intensive courses and residential courses are available for all.

Driving lesson prices

1 hour 1 hour lesson £25.00
2 hour 2 hour lesson £50.00
10 hour block 1 or 2 hour lessons £240.00
Pass Plus (No test required) Minimum 6 hrs: over 1 or 2 days £200.00

During the lessons I will monitor your ability on an hourly basis and discuss your progress with you regularly.

Pass Plus :- including Night and motorway driving

Already passed your test then try getting more experience of driving covering items not necessarily covered when learning.

Refresher Courses

Not driven for a long time? A refresher course of driving lessons is the answer.

Intensive Courses:- 1-2 weeks (Depending on experience :12hrs - 45hrs)

Many people feel that hourly lessons go on and on forever. Solution :- Intensive courses where you learn to drive over a short period of time with your test taken at one of our local test centres.

Semi Intensive Courses:- 2-10 weeks

Many lead busy lives and find it difficult to make the time to do the lessons required everyday of an intensive course but still want to learn to drive in a short period. These courses are a compromise between an intensive course and weekly lessons.

Residential intensive Courses

Sometimes its best to get away from all the everyday distractions to get on and learn to drive. Residential courses provide for this.

If you have any queries or want driving lessons in Falmouth and Penryn areas please contact me at my driving school.